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Total solutions for every patient


Developing and Solving Treatment Methods
for Intractable Outer Retinal Diseases

The Vision Care Group was established by the pioneering team that achieved the world’s first clinical application of iPS cells. Our mission extends beyond the development of treatments for retinal diseases. We are driven by the ambitious concept of the Kobe Eye Center, an entity that unifies research, clinical practice, and patient care, with the goal of addressing all challenges faced by individuals with visual impairments.

Under the guiding principle, “Total solutions for every patient”, we dedicate our efforts towards the development of treatments for diseases of the outer retina, as well as offering services like low-vision care. We anticipate that the next decade will usher in an era where artificial intelligence profoundly reshapes healthcare, leading to transformative changes. In this environment, devices and healthcare systems themselves will become tools for improving patient lives and fostering their satisfaction.

We operate without being constrained by the traditional boundaries of regulations, research, clinical practice, welfare, and corporate structures. Our goal is to contribute to a sustainable healthcare society through the swift and comprehensive creation of treatments compatible with regenerative medicine.